Show Design


Fireworks and music are both art forms that create emotion. When combined they are purely symphonic to the audience. With the use of state-of-the-art computer hardware and software, Eleven Fireworks can create highly choreographed displays set to music and lyrics. These displays are designed to reflect the beat, intensity, drama and lyrics of the music being played.

These types of displays are premium in nature as they require more time and labor. A musical soundtrack must be created reflecting your event and audience. The show's designer will work closely with you to determine the theme of the event. Once the music selections are approved, the designer will then tap a vast inventory of fireworks and pirotécnicos to create a truly unique, memorable display.



Many times either budget or venue does not allow for a fireworks display to be choreographed to music. This does not take away from the show design in any way. Actually this allows the fireworks show designer to use effects that might not have been appropriate for music in the first place. All Eleven Fireworks shows are uniquely designed to fit the needs of the customer, audience and venue.